Sustainability Policy


Extending the lifecycle of luxury garments and accessories.

 Take any item in your wardrobe and imagine not just the energy and materials used in in the fabrication of your beautiful item, but all the effort that has made it so perfect: the designers, the skills of the craftsmen and women, all the things that make it special to you. Unfortunately, we can accumulate a little too much and not use a piece as often as it deserves.

 It can be hard to say goodbye when you sell a special item, but you know that someone else will get enjoyment from it.

 Why buy from Dynasty?

 You are investing in building a wardrobe with a focus on sustainability and honouring all those who made an item by giving it a new opportunity. There is the clear affordability aspect- you don’t have to compromise on quality. We check each piece individually (Dynasty is not simply an online platform) to ensure a high standard and authenticity.

 Fashion and Endangered Species

 We follow the organization CITES: The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, the major UN body safeguarding wild species in trade. Please visit this organization’s website to learn more:

 CITES provides a checklist, which allows the exploration of more than 35,000 species of animals and plants and their degree of protection. If we are unsure of any particular material used in an item offered to us, we will require more information from the seller.


 We are phasing out our current stock of plastic carrier bags and we are searching for a supplier of bio-degradable bags. We encourage our sellers to provide us with their original storage materials.

 We have to use plastic packing for shipping, but we keep all packaging to a minimum and encourage customers to reuse or recycle these bags.

We welcome comments from customers on how we can do better, and to make this a more sustainable industry.