Sell Through Us

Sell Through Us

We are a transparent company, with clear terms and conditions. Please email us if any clarification is required.

We accept only contemporary and classic designer labels in excellent condition and keep them in our store for period of 6-8 weeks. Unsold items after this period will may be reduced by 25%, following consultation with the seller.

Our consignment is shared 50/50, but 60/40 favouring the seller for very high design couture. We also offer immediate cash.

If you leave your items with our store, we can offer you a paper receipt immediately, or, if you prefer, we will send you within 48 hours via email, a record of the received items, with clear net prices.

We will write a professional and accurate description of each item, take photos, keep your garments safely in our shop, give excellent customer service and take care of the shipment.

For a quick response email us with a photo of the item you would like to sell, or you can simply visit our shop at 4 Campden Street, London W8 7EP and leave your goods with us.

We also offer a collection service in the London area only; a minimum of £ 500 in value or at least 10 items.

We will pay you by cheque or bank transfer once we have sold your item. For regular customers we can offer cash payment, with three days’ notice.  

How to send your photos to us

Please upload your photos on  and email it to