About Us

About Us

We have nearly 30 years’ experience of selling on behalf of clients authentic, pristine and gently used designer garments and accessories. We champion the idea of extending the lifecycle of contemporary and classic designs. 

Dynasty continues to develop the dress agency industry with its latest ventures: our beautiful store in Notting Hill and the relaunched website.

Maha and Samanta chose a location in Campden Street, not only to serve existing customers across Central and West London, but as a showroom for how we can attract people not used to the concept of a dress agency. A well-established format, but we want to breathe new life into this industry, to inspire and excite new customers.

The store is bright, pretty, enticing and with a carefully selected offering; only the highest quality items. The selection is always changing and seasonal. We believe in customers having the space to make their own choices, so feel free to browse and take time to appreciate the selection.

We use the store as a photo studio (don’t be surprised to find Samanta in mid-shoot). We are working hard to improve the visual aspect of our business in order to reflect the quality of the items. 

Honesty is important: every item is checked by us for quality and authenticity before being offered for sale. Dynasty is not simply an online platform; we provide assurance for all customers. We understand that trust is easily lost and always put honesty at the centre of our business.

Dynasty’s website has been completely redesigned, offering the opportunity to view all items and make purchases online. For those looking to sell, there is the ability to upload photos for a fast response. The website highlights new arrivals, featured brands and the current seasonal wear. 

Please contact us via the website; we want to learn from our customers how to make improvements and to help customers benefit from our services.

A personalized shopping experience from an independent retailer. A little store with big ambitions.

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